Become Aware of Your Cycles

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I wanted to share this technique that has brought a lot of value to my life

LifeHack: Capitalize On Your Natural Cycles


Each of us is going through regular cycles. Sometimes you’re high, sometimes you’re low. Sometimes you’re full of energy and sometimes you become a sloth.

lili oracle blog natural cycles

Sometimes ideas are flowing through you in an understandable way which inspires you to action. Sometimes you’re mentally bogged down and those inspirations become a blur in the distance. In truth, every aspect of our lives is cyclical in nature and by mastering those cycles we can enhance our lives immensely with this fundamental “life hack”.

The key is first recognizing those cycles, and in that awareness you can begin to optimize the way you do things, improving your happiness, productivity, and your life situation.

It’s a Science Experiment

Next time you don’t feel like doing anything at all, do nothing at all.

…. You may already do that, however, this time it’s going to be much different than before. You’re going to do nothing as fully as possible. Become as relaxed, as comfortable, as lazy as possible. Give yourself permission. If you need to justify it to yourself in order to be able to feel fully comfortable with this, know you’re doing it for the greater good, it is now a science experiment. You’re collecting data which will benefit you going forward. So, give it your all.

How to Do Nothing, the Right Way

Do it presently, you can’t enjoy it and recharge if your mind is preoccupied with thoughts of past and future, that’s how you miss the moment and what treasures it holds for you. This is what can lead to perpetual doing-nothing-ness, or the clinical term, turning into a lazy sloth. (This is because when you aren’t present in your doing-nothing-ness, you never reach the desired goal of a relaxed and recharged mind).

lili oracle blog natural cycles

You’ll find that if you do it fully, you will get what you need from it, and then you’ll naturally move onto the next phase of that cycle.

What Do You Like to Do When You’re Feeling Recharged?

For me, I usually dive into my work or get into an amazing stretch and workout. The bottom line, I am inspired to do the things I enjoy and that enhance my life situation when my mind and body are clear and recharged. There is no forcing myself at that time, its the most natural thing in the world.

If you aren’t totally clear on the things that you want to do when you are recharged, do yourself a favor and keep a list in your notebook or phone. Whenever something comes to your mind that you’d like to do, add it to this list. When you are recharged and wanting to get into things, pull out the list and find what feels right, then, jump in.

Its not natural for me to jump into those things while I’m “lazy-sloth-ing.” It feels hard and challenging to exert a lot of energy when you’re at that stage of a cycle.

We Get Stuck

By not embracing the cycle you stay stuck on that stage. If you spend a lot of time being lazy but never actually relax, this stage of the cycle goes unfulfilled and you bring that (lack of) energy into the next cycle.

Life Hack

Become fully aware of your cycles. In every area where you want improvement, study your patterns closely so that you can determine how to maximize productivity.

Notice if a certain certain mood, increase or decrease in motivation, or some other experience hits you shortly after a certain reoccuring activity that you do regulrarly.

Make mental notes of what you observe. You will begin being able to anticipate the next stage of a cycle. If that is the energized phase then you can capitalize on that by creating an environment which makes it easy for you to express that efficietnly, beforehand. When you’re done with this stage you will be moving onto the next stage of the cycle. By studying yourself objectively, you’ll know what that stage will likely be and again, prepare to capitalize on that.

If you know you love to relax after working for a while, create a space beforehand where you can be alone and choose the media you’re going to consume. Decide to meditate at that time, listen to affirmations or a new book. Or choose a show or movie that inspires you, teaches you, overall makes you better.

Without being concious of the choice of media to be consumed at that time, you may get caught up in something mindless. This is a wasted opportunity to improve our thinking, mood, and the energy we emit. Consuming things mindlessly means we are giving up control over the things that are influencing our mind.

I will make another post about this topic but if you just cant wait to know more lili oracle blog hug emoji please research the difference between suggestion and auto-suggestion. This knowledge is very valuable.* (Napoleon Hill does a fabulous job at explaining this.)

I’ve used this very simple example that you can hopefully relate to in order to outline the concept I want to convey.

This technique of anticipating, preparing for, and capitalizing on our natural cycles can be applied to absolutely any area of life including our relationships.