What are you growing into?

The Time is Passing Anyway

An Article By Lili Oracle



I’m writing this in hopes that it inspires someone. Maybe that person is you. Enjoy.




What is it that we fear about the future? Is it that something inside of us doesn’t believe it is really coming? Let me use an analogy. The tree and the seed. When we plant a seed, we nurture it with nutrient-rich soil, water, and of course, we make sure it gets plenty of sunlight. We don’t really do this for the sake of the seed, but for the sake of the tree, for what the seed will become. We know that if cared for, the seed, in time, will transform and grow into what will be a tree. The future tree exists for us. We know it is real even though it is not tangible now. The existence of the seed under the right conditions constitutes the reality of the future tree.

I ask you to consider this analogy because I find it beneficial to draw a comparison to our own lives.

We are all transforming. We are growing, we are becoming.

The current person that is you, being in existence, gives truth to the reality that there will also be a future you. Yet, so many of us live as though our future selves are not coming into formation. When it comes to our own lives, many of us don’t provide favorable conditions for the “seed,” that is, who we are now, to grow into the desired “tree,” who we’d like become.. Meaning the fullest form of ourselves, which ultimately, never stops growing.

So many of us do not begin a task, a goal, a step towards a dream, for the simple fact that it will take time to achieve it. Well, the time is passing anyway. What we’d like to become may seem so far from where are now that we can’t even imagine actually becoming it. Consider what a far cry a fully formed Sequoia is from the tiny seed that it transformed from. Recognizing this has motived me to go after any goals, even the really wild, seemingly impossible, “going to take forever to get from here to there” ones.




Imagine a seed planted 10 years ago. The planting of the seed then resulted in what is now a fully formed tree. Strong and sturdy and alive, existing, tangible. If the seed had never been planted, if it had not been nurtured by the elements, the tree would not be. Maybe the seed would still be in seed form, unchanged, or it could have become destroyed or damaged, never expanding to its potential. Humans have the unique ability to direct their own growth. In which direction are you growing? If 10 years go by and your growth was not consciously directed, you still become something but not something you chose to become. Not directing our own growth, not utilizing the wonderful and unique ability to do so, can be a great disservice to ourselves and to the world.

Now is the only time you ever have. Right now. And now. And now. As the seed grows, it grows in the present moment. It doesn’t just pop up as a tree one day, it grows through a constant series of present moments which adds up to a period time in which growth occurred. When what we call past happened, we experienced it in what was then, the present moment. When our perceived future comes, it will also come in the form of the now. We can look at life like a series of nows. A series of present moments experienced in sequence by you. I encourage you to nurture your growth now, with no regard for how long that growth will take, because, the time will be passing anyway. You are becoming what you will be, right now.

What are you growing into?

Whatever that thing you’ve been dreaming. Even if it may seem so far off from where you are now, you can grow into that thing in time. In you is the seed for the fullest form of yourself, more than you could conceive now, all you have to do is grow in that direction presently.

Thank you for reading. This article was written with love and lightness in my heart. To whoever may come across it. I send you my love. I want you to know that in you lies every possibility. I believe in you.



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